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Simon M5POO

Simon M5POO

I’m Simon and this is my ham radio and hobbies website…there may well be a few other things that creep in too, such as local (to me) interest 😉

In 2013 several things happened in fairly quick succession which allowed me to take a break from the rat race…for the time being anyway.

The main purpose of the website is to share ideas and details of the projects I’ve now got the time to work on, with other amateurs across the world.  I’ll add to the site ‘as and when’ then add extra posts as projects progress.

When you browse my site, there will be content behind the main menu titles, sub titles and sub menus below. Start with the main menu bar titles and you won’t miss anything.

If you wish to keep up to date with my gripping adventures, projects and ideas, check back every now and then…let me know if there’s a specific project you’re interested in.

I’m always happy to answer reasonable questions…please drop me a line using the ‘CONTACT’ page.

73 de M5POO

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