I don’t know about you, but when I build a project, I like it to look right as well as work right.  Most holes you drill can be done neatly…and / or covered by a washer or knob…but there’s a problem with 16×2 LCD display bezels; there are thousands of displays to choose from but no bezels.

16x2 display mount using hand tools

16×2 display mount using hand tools

I’m relatively proficient with metalworking tools, but it’s still almost impossible to get a professional finish with hand tools alone.  Chances are you will end up with something looking like the picture on the right…or much worse.

16x2 LCD Display Bezel

16×2 LCD Display Bezel

I managed to source some bezels in the USA but the manufacturer wasn’t keen on sending samples…or being very helpful at all if I’m honest.  There is now a UK based supplier of purpose designed 16×2 LCD display bezels…the link to the bezel is here.  You still have to cut a neat hole…but the bezel will cover all your file marks leaving a professional finish.

I only wish there were more styles on the market to choose from…but I suppose most 16×2 displays go into moulded or machined enclosures…where the cut outs are made by machine 🙁

Update: Just come across another one here.