Here is my nice winged emblem Collins S line for sale. I’ve had it for about 20 years and am only replacing it because I acquired a mint round emblem S line. You may not get the chance of one of these again, so ask any questions you have and make sure you don’t miss out if you’d like to own it.

This lineup is in exceptionally good condition but isn’t mint…there are a few small marks on it.

NOTE: I have always run it from a 115V supply and it is wired as such. Autotransformers are fairly cheap to buy if you don’t already have one, but many people do not recommend running this equipment on UK mains so I see no reason to argue.  The reason is quite simple…our UK mains voltage is normally 240V and sometimes as much as 250V.  This overruns the valve heaters and places extra stress on the power supply components.  The transformers are designed to cope with 115VAC or 230VAC, depending on how they are wired.

Collins supplied manual copies are provided for the transmitter and receiver, I have printed and bound the one for the power supply.

On an item by item basis:

75S-3B Receiver

  • This has been fully checked and realigned, any valves which read less than good have been replaced.
  • The PTO end points are correct, the hairline does need a slight adjustment in the middle but is within Collins specification.
  • You will note that the auxiliary crystal deck or ‘C’ modification is fitted to this receiver – so you can fit WARC band crystals if you have them.
  • The mechanical filter has no retaining strap or cover. Some receivers had a simple metal strap, others had a screening can attached to the strap…many I found on the internet had neither, like this one.
  • The original phono aerial socket has been replaced with an SO239 socket. It has been well done…I never changed it back but you can of course, if you wish.

32S-3 Transmitter

  • This has also been fully checked and any suspicious valves replaced.
  • Output on all bands is just under 100W as per the Collins specification.

516F-2 Power Supply

  • I have rebuilt this, replacing the electrolytic and resonating capacitors with high quality, correct parts. The supply runs quietly and should be totally reliable.
  • I don’t think the actual speaker and backing card are original but I’m not sure as the card looks right inside. The speaker does work well so I never worried.
  • I don’t believe in fitting solid state rectifiers to these power supplies due to the inrush current. The valves fitted to this one are correct but are the balloon type, which means you have to slide the supply chassis backwards to remove them.


  • I have replaced the rubber feet on all three items.
  • In my opinion this is a really nice, if not perfect, Collins S Line. I’ve spent a great deal of time checking it over to make sure it’s right before selling it. However, like me it is getting on a bit now so only buy if you are capable of repairing and maintaining the lineup…or have a friend who can.
  • I know this S line works well now, but can’t offer any form of warranty…I’m happy for you to check it in person.

Carriage or collection

I would very much prefer the buyer to collect this from me and check it out before they leave; in that case you will need to either bring cash with you during bank opening hours or send me funds which need to clear before you collect.

Great line-ups like this don’t come up for sale very often…so if you’re interested, why not get in touch via my contact page on this website.

I can courier the lineup but would estimate the cost at around £100 including strong boxes and the correct packing materials…at this level I won’t risk cheap materials or economy couriers. Everything will be fully insured. You will need to check the equipment carefully on receipt before applying power. I would prefer payment by BANK TRANSFER, BANK CHEQUE or PERSONAL CHEQUE…all of which will need to clear.

Here are the pictures: