Here are some links to motorcycle related websites I’ve found interesting, or that I’ve found provide a great service for parts etc.

AMC Classic Spares – Both Linda and Steve Surbey have been very helpful to me as far as parts and information are concerned. Their website has a selection of parts lists under subheadings, such as ‘Gearbox & Clutch’, ‘Single Engine’, ‘Wheels & Brakes’ etc.

AJS & Matchless Owners Club – if you own either of these marques, it would be daft not to be a member. They can provide technical advice, machine dating, bike sales and an on-line shop ordering system. Their parts service is at AMOC Parts Service Online and the bike sales are at Kettering Classics. They get some nice bikes to sell.

Working at AMC – a wonderful site, full of pictures and history relating to the AMC factory in London. Created and maintained by a couple of former employees.

Matchless Clueless – another site packed with information and resources, although some parts of it, especially certain images, don’t appear to function correctly. I can’t find any updates since 2017 which is a shame; I’m not sure of its future.

AJS and Matchless Owners Club Australia – it is what it says it is. BEWARE: I got a warning about ‘potentially unwanted content‘ when I followed the link. They are on Facebook but make sure you  have good internet security running, before clicking the web link.

NZ AJS & Matchless Owners Register – I love New Zealand so much…and they have an owners club similar to ours.

AJS Motorcycles Limited – modern, imported bikes, carrying the AJS logo and name. Most are 125s, but apparently they are quite good.

AJS & Matchless Owners Club – North American Section. Connected to the main UK club.

Andover Norton – the later AJS and Matchless bikes had quite a bit of commonality with Norton motorcycles, which AMC took over around 1952. I find this company very helpful, with a fairly slick on-line ordering system.

RGM Norton – a great, friendly company, not too far from me. A slick on-line ordering system with very fair postage and packing charges.

Norvil Motorcycle Company – great supplier of genuine factory parts as they use the same machines the original factory used.